Technical Assessments for Domestic Dwelling

This new Grant was launched in April 2018 by SEAI for installing a heat pump to existing dwellings.

To qualify your dwelling must meet a certain heat loss indicator (HLI) to insure the house is adequately insulated so the heat pump will work efficiently.

Our role as BER assessors will be to complete a

  • BER assessment before application is submitted
  • Complete Technical assessment survey and Complete the technical assessment forms.
  • Complete report that outline’s  improvement measures required if the house dose not meet the required HLI.
  • Complete final BER assessment when work is complete

Once we have the technical assessment completed this report will be required to make the grant application and to receive you heat pump grant approval.

SEAI provide a grant of €200 for the technical assessment and €50 towards the final BER assessment. This give a total of €250 that can be claimed from SEAI once you have been approved by SEAI and the heat pump is fitted.


How do you get an SEAI grant for a heat pump?

To receive the SEAI grant for a heat pump, you must get a Technical Assessment done by an SEAI registered Technical Advisor.

The Technical Advisor will provide a report to detail if your house insulation levels are efficient enough to be able to retain the heat from a heat pump effectively. If your house is not compatible with a heat pump the Technical Assessor will detail what insulation upgrade works are required, along with an estimate of each insulation upgrade cost along with possible grants available to you.

The Technical Advisor role

The Technical Advisor will carry out a BER on your house to ascertain the building fabric heat loss. The building fabric heat loss is the heat lost through the building element of the house, such as the floors, walls, windows and ceilings. Default U-value figures can only be used for elements that have not received insulation upgrade works. This means that if you cannot prove insulation upgrade works have been carried out, we cannot include it in the BER and you will not be eligible for the heat pump grant.

What is a Heat Loss Indicator?

As a domestic house heat pump operates most efficiently in a dwelling that has low ventilation heat and low fabric heat loss. This will allow the heat pump to operate at a much lower water and distribution space heating temperature. This will enable the heat pump to operate less frequently and to be more efficient. The Better Energy Homes grant specifically requires that the there is a low fabric and ventilation loss in a dwelling.

A heat loss indicator (HLI) is used to ascertain if the dwelling is compliant to receive the Better Energy Homes Grant. The HLI is calculated using the total ventilation and fabric losses for the house divided by the dwellings total floor area. SEAI require that the HLI must be below, 2 Watts/Kelvin/m2.

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