About Gormanly Energy & Material Pricing

With a slower housing market, and a steep increase in fuel prices, buyers and renters say their chief considerations are energy performance and price. They want a comfortable, well-designed house that is economical to run. And, as of January 1, energy efficiency is no longer a matter of choice for buyers, builders or contractors. A B.E.R. (building energy rating) certificate, with ratings from A to G, is required for all future transactions-sale, lease or rental-related to a property. With fourteen years experience managing and overseeing purchasing at a building suppliers business, we can provide three types of service to help you meet the buyers and renters' needs, and to increase your competitiveness in this marketplace.

Air Tightness Testing

Air permeability is a term that is used to define how well controlled the movement of air into and out of a building is.Obviously if air is uncontrolled, then heat which you have generated is being lost. This costs you more money through excess energy usage & results in higher CO2 emissions.Air Tightness Testing on your home could save you money on energy bills.

B.E.R. Assessment

Quick turnaround between initial contact to receipt of the B.E.R. certificate (provisional assessment for blueprint stage; final rating for completed houses) Detailed chart showing how to improve the energy rating of the property Customized recommendations for measures and materials to improve the rating, which means savings on energy, as well as reducing CO2 emissions.

Building Material Price Consultancy

Advice on purchasing top-quality building materials at the best price-for any part of the project-saving you between 3% and 5% on the project cost.

Pricing for Complete Dwelling Project

Accurate estimate on material, labour, & hire costs allowing the job to run within budget at all times.

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The assessment and pricing plan can be customized for small or medium building contractors, and for various size projects, with economies of scale.